Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization for a Large Media Company

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Dynamics CRM

Technologies and Tools -

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, .NET, WPF, SQL Server Reporting Services

Customer -

The Customer is a large media company with 1,300 employees and 14 offices across the country. With over 500,000 corporate subscribers and 5 million readers, the company provides various online products and services.

Challenge -

The company was offering a loyalty program to increase customer satisfaction and compete more effectively in the market. With a proven experience in marketing software development for media, ATH Infosystems was commissioned to create a loyalty program module for the Customer’s CRM system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The extension would keep record of all orders and payments and allow readers to receive bonuses for purchasing products and services.

Solution -

Before the project start, a consultant and a developer studied the Customer’s loyalty program carefully to help both subscribers and the Customer benefit to the fullest from the new functionality.

Results -

The Customer received a solution to automate loyalty program management for more than 5.5 million readers and thus increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

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