ATH Infosystems Introduces a New Program to Support the product Launch of Startups on the Cloud Marketplace.

With an Experienced and Expert Cloud team, startups may significantly cut the time it takes to publish and sell products on four major cloud marketplaces.

The ATH Startup Acceleration program enables early-stage ISVs to sell on the Cloud Marketplace. We accelerate the listing, assist with your initial transactions, and share our Cloud Go-To-Market methodology with your team.

Startup Acceleration Platform

Startup Acceleration Platform
  • Support all Cloud Marketplace, e.g., Microsoft azure marketplace, Amazon AWS marketplace, Google cloud platform marketplace, etc.
  • A speedy way to list the product on Cloud Marketplace.
  • Deploy all types of products, including SAAS, AMI, Container, and more.
  • Our expert guides your internal team to make your product cloud-ready for all cloud.
  • Reduces time-to-Marketplace so you can reach new buyers faster and start getting revenue by closing the deals.

A Huge Selling Opportunity

According to Bessemer Venture Partners' 2020 status of Cloud study, the public cloud industry was estimated to have exceeded the $1 trillion mark in February 2020 with a staggering 45% growth rate. By 2020, they expected it to be worth $500 million, but the top five public cloud providers are now worth $616 billion, outpacing their optimistic forecast.

A company (Startup) can offer its software on powerful platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Marketplace so that customers can search, purchase, and provision it. And they provide some fantastic options for conducting business using the cloud.

A 39% increase over 2020, 61% of purchasers reported having bought software through a cloud marketplace in 2021, with almost all of these transactions occurring in the Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure marketplaces. By 2025, 80% of sales conversations, according to research, would take place online.

- For a small annual charge of $4,500, you can get started with a single listing. Talk to Our Cloud Expert
Let us help with your Cloud Journey. Our certified cloud experts work closely with you to understand your unique requirements.

Enterprise purchasers in 2021 highlighted these advantages that improve their bottom line as reasons why they prefer using a cloud marketplace:

  • 43% take advantage of committed spending with Cloud Providers
  • 42% accelerate time to value
  • 36% simplify procurement
  • 32% standardized contracts
  • 32% fast access to tools

Advantages of SaaS Sales on Cloud Marketplace

Advantages of SaaS Sales on Cloud Marketplace
  • Visibility - Listing your product in the cloud marketplaces gives it enhanced visibility among cloud users, which is a considerable advantage. Additionally, these cloud marketplaces feature search tools for naturally locating things that might interest potential customers.
  • Credibility - Buyers using the cloud marketplace are frequently sure that the items they buy are available on reputable cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. Before being posted, these SaaS applications will undergo screening and reviewing processes, assuring customers that they are buying from a trustworthy marketplace.
  • Deployment and Billing - These cloud marketplaces handle selling SaaS products, including their setup, invoicing, and collection, and promptly pay their vendors each month. Vendors save time and money by forgoing these activities, and customers also benefit from a straightforward invoicing process.
  • Flexible Pricing Options - Vendors don't need to create a software system or a billing infrastructure because products supplied through the cloud marketplace can be paid hourly or monthly. Big data applications with heavy computational workloads favor hourly pricing in the AWS cloud marketplace, so clients are charged according to the number of instances.
Advantages of SaaS Sales on Cloud Marketplace

Features of the Cloud Marketplace Platform include

Including premium features required to start and expand a Marketplace business as well as a group of Tackle specialists prepared to serve as a go-to-market resource These consist of:

  • Cloud Smart Onboarding
  • Cloud Listing Management
  • Multi Listing
  • Easy Metering
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Sales Guidelines

Visit -: startups to learn more about the ATH Startup Acceleration Program. Take the next step We’re looking forward to partnering with you.

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