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Cloud strategy consulting and services

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ATH Infosystems is a renowned cloud computing service provider. We have a team of certified cloud experts who can build cloud-native apps, manage cloud infrastructures, and migrate data and applications to cloud environments. We help you secure your containers, VMs, and serverless workloads on your trip to the cloud with intelligent design, successful implementation, and comprehensive security solutions. ATH Infosystems is a full-service cloud computing company that can handle all your cloud computing requirements. You can manage and customize your cloud platform with a single click with our Cloud Management Portal. We take everything from the mainframe to a container running cost-effectively.

Our Services

Cloud strategy consulting

We pave the road for new enterprise-level cloud infrastructures that are more resilient. We provide the groundwork for a smooth transition to the cloud with a well-thought-out cloud adoption strategy that addresses both fundamental technological changes and high-level issues like team restructure and new budgeting practices.

Infrastructure assessment

We offer cloud infrastructure advice to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. We analyze and evaluate current infrastructures and calculate the cost and time required to make the transition to the cloud. We also evaluate the current state of the software in use in order to plan its cloud transfer and integration into the enterprise's digital ecosystem.

Cloud technology selection

We assist our customers in determining the best cloud technology for their needs. We advise organizations on the best tech stacks to help them optimize their operations by improving software characteristics (performance, functional maturity, device compatibility) and reducing maintenance costs.

ATH Infosystems Core Computing Services

  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Consulting services
  • Cloud Support Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Managed Services

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services


Do you intend to grow your company's operations and activities? Then cloud computing solutions are ideal for scaling up your expectations and needs. It's adaptable to your expanding services and infrastructure. You can also access cloud services from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


Cloud computing is the answer if your marketing efforts and maintenance challenges are stumbling obstacles to smooth operation. It enables businesses to swiftly and easily advertise their applications. Additionally, integrating cloud solutions in your firm won't have to worry about maintenance or infrastructure costs.

Innovative Solutions

To stay ahead of the competition, it's vital to keep up with technological progress and advancements. With cloud computing, you can apply the most up-to-date tools and innovative solutions in your company, giving it a competitive edge and accelerating that forward.

Cloud Computing deployment models

Public cloud

When organizations are ready to trade their exclusive ownership of their software for the multi-tenancy mode with minimal management effort, we choose the public cloud.

Private cloud

When enterprises need to keep their software autonomy while also managing their cloud solutions in a comparable way to on-premises systems, we recommend private cloud deployments.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

We provide virtual private clouds that incorporate the benefits of both public and private clouds, allowing organizations to resolve the private vs. public dilemma.


Businesses that want to take advantage of the openness and flexibility of the public cloud while maintaining complete control over critical enterprise workflows and data in their on-premises infrastructures should consider a hybrid cloud.


We apply our cloud computing consulting skills to assist our customers in better understanding complex cloud ecosystems that include several cloud deployment techniques or cloud solutions from multiple providers.

Looking for cloud consulting partners, Beyond initial deployment and setup, businesses frequently require support with a range of cloud-related responsibilities. We offer this additional assistance to all of our clients.

Successful cloud journeys require orchestration, integration, and simplification across a complex cloud partner ecosystem.

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