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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Based on the client app stack and immediate and long-term goals, we form a client-specific team with the necessary skills. That team comprises a PM, a Lead Engineer, and DevOps Engineers. The client regularly interacts with these team members.

DevOps Expert team can do any automation—Setup Continuous Integration and delivery/deployment (CICD). Set up high availability, fail-over, and auto-scaling. Analyze infrastructure and do cost optimization. Data migration and conversions. Setup to minimize regional latency.

100 hours are sufficient for most client stacks. More hours may be necessary when many tasks need to be completed in a relatively short period. In that case, additional hours may be added to the plan.

Cloud Support Team has extensive experience managing applications and cloud infrastructure. Our Cloud Support Team consists of 1st responders and site reliability engineers, many of whom are cloud certified. Most are experts in Linux and Microsoft Technologies. Cloud Support Team monitors, patches, deploys, backups, SSL, DNS, and troubleshoots Development, QA, UAT, and production environments.

ATH's DevOps team does their regular tasks as per client priorities. This plan includes team hours from both teams, i.e., DevOps and 24/7 Cloud Support. These teams work together seamlessly. First responders receive alerts from production. They follow documented steps while attending signs and, when necessary, escalate issues to the DevOps team or the client team.

Plan hours are expected to be used over a month. In case of some urgency or emergency, hours may be used earlier. The team may also work additional hours if so required. Each team member clocks time spent on the assigned task. The PM posted to the client prepares a report on how hours were used in the past month. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled with a 30-day notice.

Yes. In our plans, we prefer customers who can stay with us longer. We do one-off or emergency tasks. However, our fees for such charges will depend on their complexity and urgency, and the hourly rate will undoubtedly be much higher than in our plans.

Yes. We provide middle and senior-level team members on 3+ months contracts. Our member works 168 hours a week and covers some hours in the customer time zone when a needed team member gets help from experts in the team.

Our DevOps team responds to requests within 2 to 4 hours during regular business hours. With mutual agreement, the DevOps team will be available for some tasks that can't be done during business hours. 24/7 team response time varies and depends on the client's requirements. It can be less than 10 minutes. We set up PagerDuty, OpsGenie etc. The team can provide SLA-based very high uptime guarantees for the production environment. When asked, such warranties are supplied after a few months of onboarding.

We serve financial, health, and e-commerce sectors that require SOC 2, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, and ISO 27001-compliant policies and procedures. We deploy multiple layers of security. This starts from secure workstations to external request logging at our office network. We routinely audit our processes and add tools to strengthen our defense. Our full-time employees sign NDA and other agreements for data security and privacy.

After a 30-minutes free consultation, ATH Team will send a commercial proposal. On its acceptance, a Service Agreement/NDA is to be signed. Soon after, we form a team to work on the customer’s stack. Our team adopts customer workflow and responds to Slack, Jira, Microsoft Team, or email requests. Time spent is logged in Clockify. Monthly reports are available on request. An invoice is generated every 30 days, which is to be paid by Credit Card, ACH, or Wire Transfer.

Understanding applications and infrastructure takes time. Depending on how simple or complex the setup is, it will take our team a day to a few weeks to complete different types of tasks. A gradual ramp-up works well with our team. We can start work within 24 hours of signing the NDA/Agreement.