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ATH Infosystem Stack of Technology and Stack of Applications Services

Choosing which Stack is best: Full Stack vs. MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack , we recommend you to consider the following pointers. This will help you choose the right tech stack for your upcoming Project.

  • Understand your project requirements and their objectives
  • Agility introduction
  • Go beyond project requirement for better audience
  • The final development cost

ATH Infosystems is working on a reach set of Front End, Back End, Databases, and open source technologies. After analyzing the requirement, our technology expert suggests you the right set of technology for the optimum performance of your business. Here is the set of technologies we are offering

Full-Stack Development

Full Stack technology refers to a set of tools and programming languages that a full stack developer works on both the front-end and the backend of an application or website.

Full Stack Component


CSS, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, Angular, React, TypeScript, etc.


Python, PHP, NodeJS, ExpressJS, GO, Caching, Django, Middleware, etc.


Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Clusters etc.

Mobile Apps:

iOS and Android


CI/CD pipelines, SDLC

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack is an assembly of JavaScript-based technologies to develop complicated websites and web applications, both progressive and responsive. MEAN Stack comprises MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Put merely, MEAN simplifies development and accelerates the process.

MEAN Stack Component

MongoDB: NoSQL database used for data storage in the form of JSON

Express.js: Back-end web app that runs on Node.js

Angular JS: Best front-end web framework that runs JS code in the user’s browser

Node.js: It is a JS runtime environment to implement backend applications in JS

MERN Stack Development

MERN is a popular JavaScript stack used for the process of development. It combines the latest technologies for creating premium web applications. These applications are developed using multiple frameworks, databases, libraries, and more.

MERN Stack Component

MongoDB: It is an open-source, document-based database

Express.js: It is a fast and minimalist web framework used for Node.js

React: It is a front-end JavaScript library used to build user interfaces

Node.js: Built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, it is a JavaScript runtime and brings it to the server