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Our DevOps techniques enable faster development of client products and easier management of existing deployments Using CI/CD, Consulting, Monitoring, and Support. Our team is well-versed in the most up-to-date DevOps tools, such as Nagios, Gradle, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, and Terraform. We've worked with Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Visual Studio DevOps.

We manage server-less deployments (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda) with container registries (Docker & Kubernetes). Our expertise can integrate Queues (Kafka, Rabbit MQ), Notifications, and Alerts (Cound front, etc.) with Caching Management in a seamless manner ( Redis, Spark Memcached, etc.).

  • AWS DevOps Pilot Framework Creation

    We can assist you in developing an AWS pilot framework to help you deploy DevOps in your organization, assuring agile delivery and a significant boost in operational performance. We construct a solid tool stack by combining existing tools with best-in-class open source and licensed technologies.

  • AWS DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

    Continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment help us bridge the Dev-Ops divide, and we use tools like GitLab and Jenkins to build a successful delivery pipeline. To assist resolve issues faster, shorten time to market, and improve customer satisfaction, our engineers consolidate processes and tools and integrate code delivery and infrastructure provisioning.

  • CI/CD Pipeline Automation

    We use Ansible, Puppet, and Chef tools to automate the entire process pipeline, from code generation through production, standards, and reviewing to cover builds, test cases, quality checks, and security

  • Container Orchestration

    We provide next-generation orchestration and containerization services to enable businesses to operate their applications securely and efficiently in a cloud-native environment. Our qualified DevOps experts will assist with the development of end-to-end cloud solutions based on containers using standard tools like Docker, LXC, Red Hat, and Kubernetes.

  • AWS DevOps Security Integration & Testing

    We provide full DevOps security integration and testing to assist our clients in transforming their businesses into a more secure environment. Our DevOps architects will assist you with data security checks on build automation, environment management, deployment, and test automation, among other things.

  • AWS Release Management

    Our DevOps professionals use effective release management to reduce the risk of botched deployments. ATH's expertise ensures that development and automation quality is maintained across the whole CI/CD pipeline, making it easier to cope with complex scenarios without delaying delivery

  • Monitoring & Logging

    With tools and platforms like CloudWatch, Elk, Splunk, Grafana, and Nagios, our AWS DevOps experts leverage container insights to monitor, troubleshoot, and log metrics while gathering and analyzing CPU, memory, disc, and network data consumption.

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    Our DevOps services start at $3,000 for 100 Block of Hours , with lower costs based on the number of hours booked on AWS. you get the best/lowest pricing When you use our dedicated team, dedicated resource

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