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Business intelligence (BI) consulting services assist firms in extracting actionable insights from their raw data to improve business performance and accelerate decision-making. ATH's business intelligence consultants have been helping clients implement or rework their BI solution since 2006.

Information is a company's most precious asset; with the pandemic and its economic ramifications redefining several industries, business intelligence, and data analytics have proven invaluable in lowering risks and enhancing financial performance. As a business intelligence service provider, we provide end-to-end solutions that include everything from consultancy to maintenance and support and the development of specific components to support a company's entire BI strategy. We'll tackle your business intelligence so you may focus on your core strengths.

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Operational Business Intelligence
  • Financial Business Intelligence
  • Human Resources Business Intelligence
  • Customer Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Sales Business Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Business Intelligence
  • Manufacturing Business Intelligence

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Our Power BI consulting service is supported by more than 15 years of expertise. We'll help you develop your business intelligence strategy, architect and implement all necessary infrastructure, and transform your data into comprehensive and flexible BI dashboards that will help you make better decisions.

  • Planning and Designing a Dashboard
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Creation and Deployment
  • Training

Power BI is a Microsoft application that uses business intelligence to give firms a 360-degree perspective of their operations. Our BI consulting services involve a full assessment to identify gaps and opportunities by leveraging Power BI dashboards and data visualizations to provide vital insights. We aim to give you those insights to make informed decisions based on all aspects of the business.

What is Data Analytics?

Organizations can use data analytics to evaluate all of their data (real-time, historical, unstructured, structured, qualitative) to find patterns and create powerful insights that can be used to inform and, in some situations, automated choices, bridging the gap between intelligence and action. Today's leading technologies cover the end-to-end analytical process, from data access, preparation, and analysis to operationalizing analytics and monitoring results.

Benefits of data analytics for business

  • Inform business decision-making
  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance security
  • Mitigate risk and handle setbacks
  • Personalize the customer experience

A company must centralize its data in a data warehouse for simple access to get the most outstanding results from data analytics. Talk to Our Experts.

Our BI Consulting Services Focus On Risk Mitigation And Giving You Better Insights

BI roadmap.
Powerful BI architecture.
Scalable data warehouse.

ATH Infosystems Business Intelligence Consultants Assist You In Implementing The Best Business Intelligence Roadmap For Your Company And Unleashing The Power Of Your Organizational Data.

Learn how ATH Infosystems improved 200+ company's reporting structures and cut operational costs by optimizing its business intelligence strategy.