Container NFTs in the Metaverse

Product description

Downtown is an interoperable no code metaverse design platform which allows any brand or individual to launch their campaign in the metaverse within hours. Customers can rent a 3D space from the marketplace, customise it with their brand assets and go live with their own landing page in the metaverse.

Using Downtown, customers can easily rent common assets like an auditorium, monetise using web3 ads and billboards, setup KPIs and track user engagement. Customers can own a composable 3D space with freedom to change assets displayed in the space at 0 cost and be part of a district with shared goals and community in the metaverse

Client testimonial

“We started with ATH team to execute a complex web3 project and I have had a great experience over the past few months. ATH brings the best web3 knowledge to the table and tops it with great project management skill. Their core team members like Alaukik, Sudeep and Himanshu are subject matter experts in their fields and make the work seamlessly easy. This is just our phase 1 build and I’m sure we’ll continue to build all future improvements in our product together.”

- Founder & CEO, Downtown



Product type

NFT Marketplace


React, Node




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We provide a dedicated team of highly qualified developers and a quality assurance specialist, a project manager, and a selection of in-house experts to assist. The onboarding process is completed through a simple, straightforward, and transparent hiring process