Fantasy Game on Blockchain

Product description

FanFury is a daily fantasy sports platform built on the Juno network with decentralised data oracles, rigid smart contracts, low rake fees and amazing payouts. The ecosystem token $FURY has deflationary tokenomics and is used for contest participation, rake collection and distribution, staking, liquidity and governance.

FanFury has player vs player game modes and large pools contests, staking and LP farming, hourly and daily lottery raffles, teams from different leagues across five sports and live gamified staking pools for ongoing teams and matches. The rake fee is an industry low flat 5% and the tokenomics is designed in such a way so as to give back maximum value to the fans.

Client testimonial

“We have been working with ATH Infosystems for the past few months for building and testing our play-to-earn product on the Juno network. The blockchain expertise, project management capabilities and customer service experience that ATH Infosystems brought to the table was excellent and I recommend anyone wanting quality blockchain development services to go for them. I look forward to continue building with ATH Infosystems team on Terra, Juno and Cosmos chains and have an even deeper engagement in the future.”




US & India

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React, Node




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